The Basics of Urinalysis

Urinalysis is a standard, non-invasive lab test that analyzes a sample of your urine. This diagnostic tool provides valuable insights into the state of your urinary system and can even offer indicators about other diseases or conditions.

What Does it Measure?

The test examines various components of urine:

  • Physical Color and Appearance: Clear, amber is typical, but variations can indicate hydration levels or potential health issues.
  • Chemical Composition: This examines the balance of compounds such as pH, protein, glucose, and more.
  • Microscopic Examination: Looks for cells, bacteria, or crystals in the urine.

Why Might You Need a Urinalysis?

  • Routine Medical Evaluation: As a part of a standard health check-up or during pregnancy.
  • Symptom Analysis: If you’re experiencing abdominal pain, painful urination, or other urinary symptoms.
  • Disease Management: For patients with conditions such as diabetes or kidney disease, regular urinalysis can monitor the state and progression.

What to Expect During the Test

The process is straightforward. Generally, you will be provided with a clean container and private restroom to collect a urine sample. It’s crucial to ensure the sample isn’t contaminated, so you might be instructed to clean the genital area first and collect a “midstream” sample, meaning you’ll start urinating and collect the sample halfway through. Once collected, technicians evaluate the sample for its color, concentration, pH, protein levels, sugar levels, and any signs of blood or bacteria.

Opt for Valley Urgent Care for Comprehensive Urinalysis

Our commitment at Valley Urgent Care is to deliver precise diagnostic evaluations coupled with unparalleled patient care. We understand that medical tests, no matter how routine, can be stressful. That’s why we ensure a comfortable experience for our urinalysis procedures, with prompt results and detailed insights.

If you believe you might benefit from a urinalysis or have any health concerns, we are here to assist. Contact us to schedule an appointment and take proactive steps toward understanding your health better. Your wellness is our utmost priority.