What is the Stool Guaiac Test?

The stool guaiac test, commonly known as the fecal occult blood test (FOBT), is a diagnostic procedure designed to identify hidden blood in the stool. This blood might not be visible to the naked eye but could be indicative of various conditions, ranging from hemorrhoids to more severe issues like colorectal cancer.

Why is the Test Important?

Detecting hidden blood in the stool can be pivotal in early diagnosis and treatment of conditions that might otherwise go unnoticed. While not every instance of detected blood points to a severe condition, it provides a valuable marker. This information can guide further diagnostic procedures, ensuring that potential problems are addressed promptly.

How is the Test Administered?

The process is simple. Patients are usually provided with a kit to collect samples at home. After bowel movements, a small stool sample is applied to a card, which is then analyzed for the presence of hidden blood using a chemical solution. Any change in color upon the addition of the solution indicates the presence of blood. It’s essential to avoid certain foods and medications before the test, as they might lead to false-positive results.

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