Achieving Health and Wellness with Vitamin Infusions

At Valley Integrated Urgent Care, we offer Holistic IV Vitamin Therapy to help you achieve optimal health and wellness. Our therapy sessions, led by Dr. Milice MD and team, provide targeted vitamin infusions designed to address various health needs and enhance your overall well-being.

The Executive Kit

Designed to combat mental fatigue and enhance cognitive function, the Executive Kit is perfect for those experiencing brain fog. This infusion delivers essential vitamins and nutrients to boost mental clarity and productivity, helping you stay sharp and focused throughout the day.

Performance Hydration Kit

Whether you’re preparing for or recovering from a workout, or simply battling dehydration, the Performance Hydration Kit is tailored to replenish your body’s fluids and electrolytes. This kit is ideal for athletes and active individuals seeking to maintain peak performance and hydration levels.

Fountain of Youth

Promote healthier skin, hair, and nails with the Fountain of Youth IV therapy. This infusion is rich in vitamins and antioxidants that support cellular regeneration and vitality, giving you a more youthful and radiant appearance.

Natural Defense Kit

Bolster your immune system with the Natural Defense Kit. Packed with a high dose of vitamin C, this infusion is designed to help your body fend off common colds, flu, and other viruses, including COVID-19. It’s an excellent choice for those looking to strengthen their immune defenses.

NEPA Rise & Shine

Perfect for rehydrating and revitalizing after a night out, the NEPA Rise & Shine IV therapy is your go-to solution for dehydration and hangover relief. This infusion helps restore your body’s balance, alleviating symptoms of dehydration and leaving you feeling refreshed.

Glutathione Kit

Known for its powerful antioxidant properties, the Glutathione Kit is great for enhancing skin health and complementing aesthetic treatments such as facials, lashes, neurotoxins, and fillers. This therapy promotes detoxification and brightens the skin, making it a popular choice for beauty and wellness.

NAD+ IV Treatment

Combat signs of aging, support brain health, aid in addiction recovery, promote weight loss, and enhance athletic performance with the NAD+ IV treatment. This therapy delivers nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide directly into your bloodstream, helping to improve cellular function and overall vitality.

Why Choose Holistic IV Vitamin Therapy?

Holistic IV Vitamin Therapy at Valley Urgent Care offers numerous benefits, including improved nutrient absorption, enhanced hydration, and immediate results. Our customized IV infusions are designed to address your specific health needs, providing you with the essential vitamins and nutrients your body requires for optimal function.

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